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His death was caused by heartworms. Heartworm is a HIGHLY preventable condition that clogs the arteries of the heart with worms. Denali did not survive his treatment, due in part to how severe his case was combined with his age. Heartguard is one brand of preventable h/w medicine that should be given to your dogs once a month. He did NOT have to die this way, but he obvoiusly suffered from neglect in his previous home.

Denali, a senior Newf. mix

Gracie, September 8, 1998 to May 13, 2010

Gracie (Soul of Grace) - September 8, 1998 to May 13, 2010

Gracie was a shy girl with mild hip displaysia who loved to play, loaf around and human attention of course. She was the first Newfoundland I ever owned, and her combined with Louise below, got me into starting my own Newfoundland Rescue. Gracie was a rescue herself. I was honored with being her guardian. She had a heart condition during the last year of her life, and was strong, and apparently a stubborn girl who wasn't going to let some health ailments take her down so easily.

Louise - August 2000 to October 2, 2009

Louise was somewhat of a rescue herself, just not in the same league as Gracie was. Louise was very much the typical Newfoundland dog, affable, lovable, affection and also a food monger...she lived for food, lol. She was diagnosed with Cushings at 7 yrs of age, was on expensive medicine for over 2 yrs when she succumbed to hemogiocarsoma and died in 3 days time very unexpectedly. She was just 9 yrs of age.

Valerie's Ben
This big boy was owned by Valerie Eberhardt of Maryland. She adopted Ozzie in October of '08 and renamed him Ben. Valerie, was heartbroken when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer just 4 months later and had to put him to sleep in late January due cancer in/of his mouth. This boy was the light of her life. She has since adopted another from us, now named Sadie.
This girl was one of my favorites to come through my rescue. Her only beef was she'd chase the cats and try to get them...but we trained that out of her. She went to a wonderful forever home in Rhode Island. She passed away this past January (2010). Gidget
Abby and Ollie

Ollie (9/13/08) and Abby (9/17/08). Both had heart murmurs, and both died close in time, but by different causes. Stacy adopted Gabby first, and she had not been expected to live beyond a few months by the cardiologist here in Kansas. But she did...lived for a few more YEARS, despite her heart murmur. The heart murmur was basically her cause of death, as she was struggling to breath.

Ollie was just a pup when she got him. He too had a heart murmur. He wasn't expected to make it to his first birthday. But he not only made that, he went thru knee surgeries too. Sepsis infection is what took his life. He was just a few months shy of his 3rd birthday.

Nicole was a mill dog, we saved via a dog auction. Her spay went awry, and caused her unexpected death. Nicole
Ursulla was sent to her owner in Ontario, Canada. She was put to sleep less than 6 months later, due to her need for intestinal surgery and the vet didn't think she was a good candidate for it with her heart murmur. She had a minor murmur, and was spayed without incident.
Mittens was a mill rescue. She was scared of sudden noises and strange people. The new owner said she's trained dogs and will be fine with her. And Mittens died, and I was never told about it till I did a yearly check in. Owner stated that she had a heart murmur, (my vet checks for that and she wasn't with a murmur), and died suddenly from being scared from fireworks. A call to her vet verified that the dog died, but was hbc. Apparently they were in their front yard, when firecrackers went off, and Mittens, ran off and got hit by car right in front of them. I failed Mittens. Mittens