Foster Home Application
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Last Name:         First Name:

Email Address:


City: , State: Zip Code:

Home Phone:   Cell Phone:


Ages of Children at Home:

Vet Name:
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 1. Why do you want to provide a foster home?

2.   Please check the ways you can help:

Adult dogs:
small   large   
male   female
Adult cats:   
male   female


3. What animals do you presently have?
# of dogs:    # of cats:

Other Animals (specify):

Give breed or description, sex, and ages of all pets:

Spayed/Neutered? Yes  No

4.   Have you ever cared for young kittens/puppies before? Yes   No

5.   Do you have a fenced yard? Yes  No         If yes, how high is it?

6. Type of fence: Same height all around?  Yes   No

If not, lowest height?

7.   Do you: Own Rent

House    Condo Apt.    Mobile Home
If renting, please give name and telephone number of landlord:

 8.   Do you have screens on all of your windows? Yes   No

9.   How will you transport your foster pet(s)?   Type of vehicle(s):
Small Car    Med. Car    Large Car  
Van    Closed Truck    Open Truck
Other (specify)
10. Do you have a pet carrier? Yes   No   What size?

11. How many hours a day will your foster pet(s) be left alone?

12. Where will your foster pet(s) be at this time?


 13. Describe the area where you intend to house the foster pet(s). Please be specific. Outside: (e.g. fenced yard, dog run, kennel, enclosure, etc.). Inside: (specify room):


14. Is anyone in your home allergic to animals? Yes   No   If yes, please explain:

15. If on vacation, who will be responsible for your pet(s)?

16. How would you deal with a potential problem, such as housetraining, barking, digging, scratching, or chewing?

17. Under what circumstances would you not keep these foster pet(s)?

 18. Would you object to a visit on your property with an Autumn Acres representative? Yes   No

19. Are you willing to network the foster pet(s), interview prospective adopters, and bring foster pet(s) to adoption events? Yes No

 What is the best time to telephone you?

In order to protect your own pets pets, it is essential that they be up to date on the following vaccinations:

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