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1. Are the puppies/dogs still available?

If they are still posted, they are most likely still available. We don't take their photos down till they adoption fee is paid and contract is received. In some solid cases, we'll post them as 'adoption pending' but keep them up till it's fully completed. Regarding puppies, when we have several puppies, we may show only a few of if one of them shown in the photo grabs you, THAT pup may be already spoken for, but siblings are still available. We've learned to keep the photos up till all are actually adopted, even though we get a ton of applications for them. Not all applications qualify for puppies.

2. Are your Newfoundlands housebroken?

Usually no. Most come from commercial breeders and we just don't have the facility or the ability to monitor each and every one to housebreak each and every one of them. Some of the owner surrenders are housebroken. In any case, if the dog is housebroken, we'll mention it in its bio, otherwise assume you will have to housebreak them. By the way, the adults tend to housebreak faster than the puppies in our experience. Puppies have no care in the world, where the adults want to please their humans.

3. Do you know anything about the parents?

Most times, no. I just know they come from owner surrenders with little to no information on their ancestors, or from a commercial breeder who does a good job socializing her dogs or from a puppy mill, that does little to no testing on them in most cases.

4. How are they health wise?

We disclose anything we know in bios. If we have one with a heart murmur or a hip problem or even a potential hip problem, we let it be known up front. Our dogs and pups are vet checked and given a heart clearance and their hips/joints are felt and manuevered to reveal any potential problems.

5. Are your Newfoundlands purebreds?

Unless otherwise noted, yes. If they are mixes, we SAY SO. We don't hide these facts from potential adopters.

6. Do you adopt out of state?

YES we do. Have a peek at our previously adopted Newfs. to see where they all live now. We adopt to the 48 contigous United States, and to some parts of Canada. Not out of our continent though.

7. What is the adoption procedure?

You apply online here and we review the application (this can take up to a week, depending on our circumstances,...hey, I'm only one person, as the rescue partner works full time outside of the home). We do the vet check and then a phone interview with the applicant and we proceed with a drive by home check. If all is passed we then send the adoption contract along with the adoption fee payment options. After that is received we figure out the best way to transport the dog to you.

8. What are your adoption fees?

I listed them all here for you.