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fannie the basenji

Fannie is a Basenji. She is very much a chewer and will chew almost anything. She is like a 2 year old in that everything she encounters she must taste. Its one thing to hear how much a Basenji can chew and another to actually live with one.

Within 2 weeks of being here Fannie learned how to open the front loading washing machine. She would open it up as soon as a load was finished and pull the clean clothes out. We gave her blankets and she destroyed them in minutes. She would destroy most any toy...plastic or stuffed. The heavy-duty no spill water bowl was nothing for her. She would somehow knock it over, dump the water and start chewing on the bowl. Eventually she got better about the chewing.

We brought her in to work on crate training and she was in a wire crate. I tried to give her blankets/toys and she would chew them up..not as quickly but still eventually. She somehow could pull blankets into her crate. I don't know if the blanket would move closer to her or what but somehow the next morning she'd have a blanket tugged into her crate. She also somehow pulled in a rope toy. We took it back out and picked up the strings she had tore off. Every day there would be more of the rope toy in her crate. Then she puked in her crate and didn't want to eat. We knew she was sick and took her into the vet.

The vet ran tests and put her on IV's and couldn't find anything 100% sure but they kinda figured it was some kind of blockage. They had to perform an exploratory surgery on her. I do know of some rescues that wouldn't have had the surgery done. I know there are some out there that would. We are one of the ones that do. I know some people say why spend the time/money/resources on one dog when you could have used that money/time/space/etc on a couple dogs or more. We feel that once you make a commitment to a dog(be it personal or rescue) it should be a commitment for life...not until it becomes a problem or too expensive.

We rely on support from people like you in order to keep doing the rescue we do. Fannie's bill JUST for this surgery/hospitalization was $1465. That isn't including her shots, spay, and heartworm test which we had already done.

We really could use some help with her vet bill. We take paypal, checks, google OR you could call our vet to make a payment. Our vets name: Renfro Vet. Services. 816-776-3737. The account is under Donna Palen and the dog is Fannie.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

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